Indian delicacies form an assortment of fanatically preserved culinary skills that have been passed on by the bygone generations, from a multitude of regions and communities. Consequently, delicacies from each region have distinct flavors, ranging from the most piquant to the blandest.

Regardless of the unparalleled range of delicacies, there’s something numinous and inherent that makes the Indian food out of the ordinary - the veneration and consideration with which it is prepared.

Jodhpur was once an imperial state that now prides itself in possessing the heritage bounty. The recipe, along with, the ingredients that was used to prepare lip-smacking food suited the taste buds of Maharajahs, was a secret kept within the great walls. It was the treasure of food that had lived on in Rajasthan. A successful endeavor has resulted in re-establish the magic created by the cooks in the royal kitchen. The descendents of legendary chefs that resided in the kitchens of great Maharaja's now prepare food for our guests.

We invite our guests to be in this world of scrumptious delicacies.

The rare flavors and recipes that are much talked about were once undisclosed and each signature dish made was organized devotedly. The aristocrats and the courtiers feasted on the most remarkable preparations of their butlers and every meal prepared by the head chef was a tribute to the king. The gamut of delicacies has been mined out from the archives of Maharajahs.  At Moti bagh, we introduce our guests to the affluent taste of the original recipes of the masters by reproducing the tastes and the aroma in this rationalized era.

The exotic blend of herbs and spices, and the meticulous preparatory methods, are all intended to let the aromas and flavors sink into your senses. The Indian food makes your taste buds succumb to temptation.


Royal Wedding

A wedding connotes flamboyant amalgamation of two souls. In such a heavenly affair, two families subsequently conjoin. A bond of respect and affection prospers amongst two families. Numerous traditions and customs come together in a wedding ceremony that fortify faith in marital institution, and are the essence of the novel bond and reliance in the same.

Jodhpur is an enigmatic land, with a rich culture and historical heritage. It was once ruled by the Rajput clan and it still preserves the ethnic customs in the forms of attire, lifestyle, folk songs and folk dances, ethics, food, ceremonies, and festivals. The inherent imperial legacy of Jodhpur is extensively spread over the region.
Wedding, in almost all of the religions, is a sophisticated ceremony owing to the rituals involved. Elevating it with the princely feeling adjoins an exceptional charm to it. Royal weddings are luxurious and ethnic in terms of festivity. The special feature of this kind of wedding is that the bride and the groom are treated as prince and princess, while the whole congregation attending the wedding receives a royal treatment. Such a royal wedding is a treat for the guests as well as for the host.

Plan a wedding at our heritage hotel and assure a fabulously superlative reminiscence for your life. Planning a royal wedding in our heritage hotel is just a call away. Our proficient team of event organizers will propose tailor-made offers as per resolute budget plans that will positively suit your aspirations.

The offers intended for a royal wedding include decoration, catering, accommodation, basic amenities etc. An absolute insignia of royalty is proffered through an assemblage that includes elephants, horses, period music, folk dancers, snake charmers, fireworks, fire eaters etc. A wedding is not just the confluence of two people rather two souls, so, why not make it large!



Festivity is a sign of prosperity as it brings together cheerful people. Celebration and feasts had been preferred by the crown heads to maintain a vivacious and a blissful atmosphere in the courtyards. We bring together the virtuous grandeur of the crown heads to make our guests feel the vivacity of the bygone era. It is all about making your celebration majestic, and we ensure that the aura of our heritage hotel shall speak of your regality.

We invite you at Moti Bagh to rejoice in a kingly manner. Our proposal includes corporate and high end parties, parties for product launches, private and corporate themed parties, all together with an intact impetus of offering a space that makes our guests feel larger than life in the most reasonable value. We ascertain that time spent in our heritage hotel will be adorably cherished.

We understand that our guests visit us expecting a break from the daily work routine, although, they can't get over it and often carry their work to their vacations. Thereby, we offer what they seek - spaciousness and good illumination over ample workspace. Colleagues come by, room service is provided, good ideas are generated - it's exactly what we have envisioned, to enable our guests to think like the way the royal courtiers thought. It becomes viable to think outside the box and engender highly prolific ideas when you are surrounded by a ceremoniously serene atmosphere.

We specialize in creating an aura that best suits the theme of the party envisaged by our guests. We also have a dedicated team of intellectuals who readily assists our clients to materialize their ideas. Our central idea stands to proffer swanky settings that surpass the expectations of our guests and their guests indeed.

Contact us well in advance to arrange a party that helps you realize the worth of your riches. Overwhelm your guest while being amazed simultaneously. Be our guest, as it will add to our delight.