A paradigm to revitalize the regal elegance of Marwar

It’s mesmerizing. Fresh and peaceful breezes of air signify a rendezvous of novelty, tranquility and royalty. The elegantly bejeweled boulevard with a lush green tone and a serene environment reminds me of the modest times. The times of Maharajahs, when hundreds of citadels like me stood tall as symbols of sovereignty. It’s known, that change is the only phenomenon that remains constant. Times did change and so changed my outlook. I can never forget the melancholic scars of time that I had tolerated. I had felt like exploding at times and imploding at the rest, as I had experienced inconsolable damages inside out and the other way round. I had changed to an overlooked relic, a nearly deserted testament of the glorious past, until a sharp eyed individual realized my lost charisma and brought me back to life. Now, I stand modestly in the majestic city of Jodhpur with an almost similar bliss of the royal past. I have tales to tell and sumptuousness to offer. I am Moti Bagh.

The era has indeed changed, though, I take delight in being heeded the way I was. I take immense pride in being the renaissance of the noble soul of this imperial land, Jodhpur, resurrected by the dynamism of a devoted enthusiast.

I might seem to be a run of the mill bystander, though the reality is that I’m a mighty one. I have witnessed the bona fide lifestyle of the royals, the remarkable period of splendor when every day was majestic and every evening, jaunty and euphoric. The age of societal harmony when life was king size, shall never diminish, and will always remain vibrant in my memory. I feel delighted by the unaffected echelon of hospitality and warmth for my guests that remains the same as it was during the regal era.

I adore my existing possessor, owing to the inherent poise that I still uphold irrespective of the in vogue refurbishment. He has been a wholehearted follower and collector of antique artifacts, be it historic firearms, vintage cars, or early motor-bikes. You will realize it all, for a fact that the display of the antique firearms relating to my core reminiscence, and the momentous vehicles marking the Victorian era that I had witnessed long ago, add to my antiquated characteristic. Liberal access to all these antique artifacts enables my guests to practically relate with the times gone by. I genially invite you to touch, to feel and to take away the gratifying sensation of my inheritance as your esteemed memories. Be my guest - be the guest of royal Rajasthan. I cordially invite you by saying “Padharo Mhare Desh – Welcome to my land”.