About Newtons Manor

We invite you at our Guest House to sense an ‘Old English’ touch surrounded by exotic antiques of the regal era. At Newton Manor Guest House, you will find an authentic milieu which is especially carved to cater the visitors craving for excellence. We take pride in representing Jodhana – The Land of Jodhpur. We believe that: ‘What is learned at home becomes a part of your character, while your experiences with the surface world only add to your behavior and attitude’. We have thus fashioned our house in form of a guest house, such that, it delivers a genuinely stupendous feel of real Rajasthan. The walls at our guest house are not grafittied though the entire aura speaks of the awe-inspiring time our guests have spent with us.

Newton Manor provides fresh and delicious homemade breakfast and dinner at request. We provide lip-smacking authentic Rajasthani cuisines which add to the individuality of Rajasthan. Our guests are entertained as family and will often dine with their hosts, as well as with other guests who may be staying. This practice along with several other arrangements facilitates our guests to take a closer look at the ethnicity of the land. We have a lot to share with our guests, and help them realize the finesse of the culturally blessed terra firma.

Newtons Manor Guest House has merited a phenomenal success in providing lodging facilities with momentous hospitality and most economical charges to many tourists visiting Jodhpur every year. We offer you an insight to Jodhpur – the Sun City of Rajasthan, with an utterly Victorian hospitality.

The city of Jodhpur is located on the foothill of a sandstone hillock, and, seems like an oasis in the vast desert. At Newtons Manor Guest House, we understand that every exploration embraces mixed feelings of excitement and delight, persuasion and fascination, contentment and triumph, along with fatigue and exhaustion. We thus make sure that our decor is not just elegant but also matches the intense altitudes of coziness. This way, our guests are in a state of rejuvenation before they begin traveling around the scenic locations at Jodhpur and its propinquity, everyday. Words will be inapt to portray the bona fide essence. One must visit Jodhpur to feel and to realize the convivial soul of the city.


"जोधपुर पधारो सा"